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Till Westermayer till at tillwe.de
Wed Aug 20 17:18:24 UTC 2003

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>> Erik Moeller wrote:
>>> With some crack Linux hackers we should be able to
>>> whip up something that runs on a 486 (using a miniature Linux
>>> distro for  embedded devices and a very lean webbrowser like
>>> Dillo).
>I have a related suggestion: how about trying to get a regular
>linux distro to bundle wikipedia 1.0? It would be particularly
>attractive in third world counties. Also this requires no extra
>work like getting it to render properly on Dillo etc.

Which brings up my idea put on some of the no-feature-request
Wikipedia:pages: a slick little Linux command line (or even GUI) tool
that does nothing else than question (online) wikipedia and bring it's
answers in a desired output format (html, plain ascii, tex, ps, pdf).
I'm not really a programmer myself, but that should be quite simple --
and could be included/bundled in Linux distributions quite before
Wikipedia 1.0. Something like "ask-wiki".

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