[Wikipedia-l] Re: maybe time for a document project, sometime in the near future?

Karl Eichwalder ke at gnu.franken.de
Sun Aug 17 06:59:38 UTC 2003

Brion Vibber <brion at pobox.com> writes:

> Annotations could include cross-links to Wikipedia and Wiktionary as
> well as within the document, and we could have a relatively sane system
> for linking from Wikipedia and Wiktionary to *particular spots* in the
> texts, for instance to provide context for a quote.

One can link any "external" resource using the XLink technology;
alt least this should work theoretically -- thus far I never saw it in
real life ;)

As long as resource problems at wikipedia.org are not resolved I'd
rather vote not to add new projects.  First make the core project work:
search features are very limited and available features are disabled
because of resource issues.

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