[Wikipedia-l] What If?

Jimmy O'Regan jimregan at o2.ie
Thu Aug 7 00:17:03 UTC 2003

Ray Saintonge wrote:

> Some of the debates are extremely annoying, such as the recent 
> Robert/Jtdirl dispute, and the ones that complain about yet another 
> reincarnation of Lir.  Perhaps we could have a whineopedia mailing 
> list (or if our Brits prefer a wingeopedia).

I thought it was whinge? Never mind, just a minor w{h}in{g}e

> A moderator on this list could redirect any qualifying letters to that 
> list.  Or perhaps, to save the sanity of the moderator, an anti-spam 
> device could make the diversion. "Lir" and "anti-Semitism" are 
> canditates for words that would trigger the diversion.  Anyone who 
> likes receiving this kind of message wuld be free to subscribe to the 
> whineopedia list. :-)

Oh yeah; then we'll start to see .sig blocks resembling the Carnivore 
trippers - "Lir Black Widow pro-arab Israel anti-Semitism Zionist" etc.

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