[Wikipedia-l] Re: Why the free encyclopedia movement needs to be more like the free

Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 31 19:40:23 UTC 2002

On Saturday 31 August 2002 10:54 pm, Larry wrote:
> The problem is that, with several notable exceptions, highly-educated
> people aren't drawn to Wikipedia.

I don't know about everyone else but I think that statement was a bit 

> So I don't propose we touch Wikipedia--but we have Nupedia.  What I hope
> is that Nupedia can be changed and rearranged, somehow, to create an elite
> board of bona fide experts that is ultimately in charge of "releases" of
> free encyclopedia content.

Or we can simply revisit the idea of Beta/Stable; whereby some type of 
process validates an article. Having another level of validation through 
Nupedia would also be a good thing. In that way Nupedia would be a 
distribution of Wikipedia in the same way as Red Hat is a distribution of 
Linus' Linux and the GNU tools. 

-- Daniel Mayer (aka mav)

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