[Wikipedia-l] Disambiguation - Altering Entry Titles?

Tesla Coil tescoil at ilbbs.com
Fri Aug 30 22:40:38 UTC 2002

On 29 Aug 2002, Ray Saintonge wrote:
> Your approach is a sound one but should be in the format 
> [[Bloody Sunday (Ireland 1920)]] and  [[Bloody Sunday 
> (Ireland 1972)]].  There is always the risk that this 
> approach to the 1972 massacre could be seen as supporting 
> a united Ireland.  If you see that as a realistic fear
> than I would suggest using the city names for the events 
> [[Bloody Sunday (Dublin)]] and [[Bloody Sunday (Derry)]]. 
> Nobody can argue that these town aren't where they are.  

Thanks.  Taking cue from survey of library subject headings, 
I chose [[Bloody Sunday (Ireland 1920)]] and [[Bloody Sunday
(Northern Ireland 1972)]].

I'll defer writing the [[Bloody Sunday (Ireland 1920)]] entry 
however, as multiple sources I've consulted so far are in no
agreement regarding the number of causalties on *either* side.

I prefer to focus instead on 18th Century Irish history, when
times were less contentious.

Okay, they weren't, but that's my excuse for now.

I believe [[Bloody Sunday - Northern Ireland]] now a redirect 
to which no page points.

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