[Wikipedia-l] Disambiguation - Altering Entry Titles?

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Thu Aug 29 20:53:29 UTC 2002

Tesla Coil wrote:

>The Wikipedia entry for "Bloody Sunday" contains reference 
>to "Bloody Sunday - Northern Ireland," 30 January 1972, but
>not Ireland's earlier "Bloody Sunday" of 20 November 1920.
>While true that "Bloody Sunday" of 1972 is distinguished by
>having occurred in *Northern* Ireland, standard practice in
>indexing books of Irish history is to distinguish by year.
>Without alteration of titles, one ends with entries perhaps:
>"Bloody Sunday - Northern Ireland"
>"Bloody Sunday - Ireland - 1920"
>Which seems less optimal toward disambiguation than:
>"Bloody Sunday - Ireland - 1920"
>"Bloody Sunday - Ireland - 1972"
>So, I'm new here.  How does one resolve such circumstance?
Even for those of us who are a little more practised in the art of 
disambiguation, there are always new issues to present challenges.  I 
note that there were several othe Bloody Sundays in other places.  The 
Irish cannot maintain a monopoly on such events.  

There are two separate issues involved: disambiguating agent and format. 
 The latter I raise because of your being new.  Had the disambiguator 
been otherwise been propertly chosen the current preferred format would 
be [[Bloody Sunday (Northern Ireland)]] but the article appears to have 
been started before that was the practice.  Your approach is a sound one 
but should be in the format [[Bloody Sunday (Ireland 1920)]] and 
[[Bloody Sunday (Ireland 1972)]].  There is always the risk that this 
approach to the 1972 massacre could be seen as supporting a united 
Ireland.  If you see that as a realistic fear than I would suggest using 
the city names for the events [[Bloody Sunday (Dublin)]] and [[Bloody 
Sunday (Derry)]].  Nobody can argue that these town aren't where they are.  

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