[Wikipedia-l] Ready to slit my damned wrists -- there is a French Helga

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Thu Aug 29 21:42:49 UTC 2002

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|It used to be I was trying to deny German history in favor of the Slavs
|-- now I'm accused of trying to deny Frence history in favor of the
|Germans.  Is this an encyclopedia or a resting-place for irredentism?
|To be fair, DW writes some really good stuff, but doesn't seem to care
|that scholarship has moved on in the past 30-50 years if it affects la
|Gloire de la France.   I'm beginning to think there's no room here for


How about beefing up the [[Irredentism]] and [[Revanchism]] articles
and adding a link to them on every page where this stuff comes up?  If
those articles mentioned disputes about the proper nationality of
Transcarpathian Ruthenia, and all the others, then the cross-reference
would alert readers whenever there was any such in the referring

I personally suspect you represent the Julian family of emperors and
are planning to retake the whole Roman Empire back from usurpers.  

Tom Parmenter

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