[Wikipedia-l] On the uselessness of stubs

The Cunctator cunctator at kband.com
Thu Aug 29 14:20:44 UTC 2002

"Lars Aronsson" <lars at aronsson.se> wrote:
> Maybe each article could be assigned points from 0 (doesn't exist), 1
> (very short stub), 2 (20 words or a single comma), up to 5 (brilliant
> prose).  Then each user could set a threshold so only links pointing
> to 3 or more are rendered as links.  This would allow stubs for people
> who are involved in writing articles while hiding them from people who
> just want to browse.  (This is an idea from the design of Slashdot.)

That's a very interesting idea. I suspect it would be more appropriate for
a Wikipedia derivative than Wikipedia itself.

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