[Wikipedia-l] Article on Wikipedia

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Wed Aug 28 19:31:35 UTC 2002

dze27 at yahoo.com wrote:

>Hello all, 
>I have some exciting news! I have written a short article
>on Wikipedia that is to be published in "The Canadian
>Writer's Guide 13th Edition", a reference for Canadian
>writers. The publisher's page is at
>http://www.canauthors.org/pubs.html, which describes the
>12th edition. The book should be in print by the end of
>September 2002.
>The full text of the article is also available on my web
>site at
>http://jeays.net/files/wikipedia.htm. My angle was to
>introduce Wikipedia as a way of practicing one's writing
>skills while, as a happy side-effect, creating encyclopedia
>articles. I tried to capture the flavour of Wikipedia
>(including the NPOV, don't worry...) in 1100 words (not
Interesting article, but I would have my concerns about calling it 
"stress-free" writing.

If it works the project could be overrun by Canadians.  Fantastic!


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