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dze27 at yahoo.com dze27 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 28 17:38:52 UTC 2002

Hello all, 

I have some exciting news! I have written a short article
on Wikipedia that is to be published in "The Canadian
Writer's Guide 13th Edition", a reference for Canadian
writers. The publisher's page is at
http://www.canauthors.org/pubs.html, which describes the
12th edition. The book should be in print by the end of
September 2002.

The full text of the article is also available on my web
site at
http://jeays.net/files/wikipedia.htm. My angle was to
introduce Wikipedia as a way of practicing one's writing
skills while, as a happy side-effect, creating encyclopedia
articles. I tried to capture the flavour of Wikipedia
(including the NPOV, don't worry...) in 1100 words (not

As with any Internet-related article there are a couple of
things that have changed over time (like the URL...except
www.wikipedia.com still works, and Larry Sanger's
involvement). This piece was written in early 2002 and the
book publishing process seems to take substantially longer
than the wiki process :)


Mark Jeays ([[user:Dze27]])

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