[Wikipedia-l] Why oh why resurrect nonarticles????

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Wed Aug 28 18:46:16 UTC 2002

Daniel Mayer wrote:

>>BACK THE VOTE BUTTON!!!!!!! It made things so much 
>I agree. The current setup seems odd to me though; it is now much easier to 
>outright delete a page instead of listing it on the deletion queue. If a 
>sysop has any question whether a page should be deleted the sysop has to 
>perform /more/ work in order to list it on the deletion queue than to simply 
>delete it outright. That may be why some sysops are treading into the gray 
>area with deletions that should probably be listed on the vote for deletion 
>page for a few days first.
The vote button was a great idea, and would be even more useful if it 
had both "yes" and "no".  It should likely only be available for 
registered users.  It could be done with a drop down menu that would 
allow for any number of votes on current issues.

Speaking of the drop down menu for special pages...  It now functions by 
making your selection and clicking on "go".  Would it be any more 
difficult to simply allow double clicking on a selection?


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