[Wikipedia-l] How-tos

Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 28 06:06:24 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 28 August 2002 09:49 am, Jeronimo wrote:
> These pages seem to violate [[What Wikipedia is not]] number four, in my
> opinion. Also, most of these articles can never be NPOV. [[How to cook
> pasta]] could be hotly debated by other cooks that have a slightly
> different method of cooking (even more so for the somewhat more
> complicated forms of cooking).

The  [[Wikipedia Cocktail Guide]], [[Wikipedia Cookbook]] and [[How-tos]] 
were all largely created before I got here and reflect a time in which 
wikipedia was still a bit undecided on what it really should be and was thus 
taking in just about anything (this process led to the current  [[What 
Wikipedia is not]], BTW). 

I once brought this very question up on the cookbook's talk page and was told 
that these pages are poplar for visitors and that Wikipedia is not paper. 
That was enough for me. And we shouldn't be too concerned with the NPOVness 
of a recipe. :-)

What's more is that I now see /very/ little by the way of current editing of 
these pages or the creation of similar ones so I don't think their presense 
sets any type of bad precedent.

-- Daniel Mayer (aka mav)

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