[Wikipedia-l] Why oh why resurrect nonarticles????

Axel Boldt axel at uni-paderborn.de
Wed Aug 28 15:09:37 UTC 2002

Andre writes:

>Please, either have a SINGLE set of rules that at least has no rules
>that are conflicting, or have no rules at all. This is making me
>angry and sick (literally).

Don't take the rules too seriously; they are all just suggestions. If
somebody complains by pointing to section 2, paragraph 3, sentence 1
of rule 17b, then let them have a good dose of one of our first rules,
[[Wikipedia:Ignore all rules]]. And don't believe for a second that by
calling something a "policy" it mysteriously gains normative power: it
doesn't. Do what you think is right and have fun.


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