[Wikipedia-l] More cool, NPOV (mostly) things Helga could have brought up

Julie Hofmann Kemp juleskemp at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 27 18:27:04 UTC 2002

Just read an interesting article dated 13 August 2002 in the New York
Times.  Seems that, now that the USSR is no more, inhabitants of
Kaliningrad are (with financial support from 'Der Spiegel' ) excavating
and possibly going to restore parts of old Koenigsberg.  As we all know,
Koenigsberg was annexed to the USSR after Potsdam, and the German
inhabitants were expelled.  One of the first acts was to destroy the old
castle and many traces of a German heritage.  Now, apparently, the
inhabitants of the city are raising the question of the city's cultural
roots -- Russian or German?  Of course, the article was in the NYT, and
a German magazine is helping fund the work, but at least this is an
article Helga could have found, from a reputable journal rather than a
crackpot website, that supports some of the things she says.

This is why I despair of Helga.  There is stuff out there that might
actually bolster her cause, but she only goes for the sources so bad and
biased that no one with sense can accept them, and we all end up
throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


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