[Wikipedia-l] Helga Jonat on [[Berlin]]

wojtek pobratyn wojtek.pobratyn at gmx.net
Mon Aug 26 10:17:14 UTC 2002


Karen AKA Kajikit wrote thusly:

| I haven't tried to 'fix' her articles because I know bugger all about
| German history, but I'd say that everyone has had their patience tried
| long enough. She is not a useful contributor - she's a kook who wants to
| use the wikipedia to push her private bandwagon, which just so happens
| to have no relationship to the facts. I'm the first to admit to having
| my own little wagon that I'm pushing on the wikipedia, but most of us
| pay SOME attention to the NPOV philosophy and make sure that what we are
| contributing is based on fact, not some loonytunes supposition.
| I would vote to ban her just for the sake of everyone else's sanity.
| When you've tried reasoning and you've tried persuading and you've tried
| asking nicely it's time for a little old-fashioned force.
| -- 
| Karen AKA Kajikit

I totally agree with Karen - HJ's contributions are far from useful and
even further from being NPOV. Her failling to join this list and argue
her POV makes this sort of discussion plus editing her artciles
a waste of everybody's resources. I'm all for a temporary ban.


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