[Wikipedia-l] Real logged in users

Tim Marklew tmarklew at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 25 16:36:48 UTC 2002

mav wrote:
>BTW we really /do not/ have 3498 real users -- a good many of these "users"
>logged in only to abuse our upload utility or for other nefarious or
>non-contributing reasons (I don't greet any user who hasn't contributed at
>all). Is there a way to get rid of many of these no-longer used user 
>Lee (just the ones that have been inactive for months and whose user pages
>are still edit links)?

The vast majority (over three quarters) of people who have logged in have 
never made any edits whatsoever, quite apart from not having a user page.  I 
suspect that the majority are just passers by who click on log in out of 
curiosity.  It might be a good idea do a clearout of all of these that are 
older than a couple of months and have never made any contributions, to free 
up the user names.

Out of interest, I produced some stats for the users we have and the number 
of contributions since February.  These show that about 800 logged in users 
have made at least one contribution, and about 400 have made at least 10 
contributions.  95% of edits (again counting logged in users only) have been 
made by only around 200 Wikipedians.  The Wikipedia community is still quite 
a small corner of the Internet!

Tim (Enchanter)

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