[Wikipedia-l] Page deletion policy

Stephen Gilbert canuck_in_korea2002 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 25 01:21:26 UTC 2002

--- Toby Bartels <toby+wikipedia at math.ucr.edu> wrote:


> I think that this needs to be straightened out,
> and the language on the page may need to be
> clarified.
> IMO, pages with no content but with reasonable
> titles
> are the worst of all, when they are linked from
> other articles.
> The reader wastes time following links to useless
> pages;
> the writer doesn't write an article that might be
> sorely needed.
> [[Special:Mostwanted]], in particular, becomes
> skewed.

I agree with you. No content pages with good titles
should be deleted.

Stephen G.

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