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Steve Callaway sjc at easynet.co.uk
Thu Aug 22 10:33:06 UTC 2002


I feel that this may be behaviour which occurred since the 15th although I
am not //entirely// sure. I certainly noticed it on/after the 15th as an
issue and I attributed it initially to the change in domains. I will keep an
eye on it and keep you up to date. My watchlist would probably be too
unwieldy to be serviceable (I only keep articles which are //particularly//
contentious in there), and I certainly prefer the already visited highlight
flick through method.



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> Steve Callaway wrote:
> > I have noticed something over the last few days; it may not be be a bug
so I
> > am hesitant to raise it as such however it does represent a change in
> > behaviour. Items I have visited no longer remain highlighted in e.g. the
> > Recent Changes page. Given the volume of throughput we now get, I found
> > flicking  down and noting them would enable me to see articles I was
> > involved which had changed in at a glance. This no longer appears to the
> > case.
> Is this happening continuously, or just to items that you last visited
> prior to the afternoon of the 15th (in which case the URLs have changed
> from www.wikipedia.com to www.wikipedia.org, and your browser will not
> recognize them as the same)?
> If you want to be sure to see changes to articles that you might be
> interested in, may I recommend using the Watchlist? Pages that you have
> added to your watchlist (click "Watch this page") appear in bold in the
> Recentchanges list, even if you log in on a different computer or with a
> different browser. (You must be logged in for it to keep track,
> -- brion vibber (brion @ pobox.com)
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