[Wikipedia-l] form of permission needed

Giskart giskart at linux.be
Tue Aug 20 19:38:49 UTC 2002

I have found on this website : http://www.pagel.clara.co.uk/rr/index.htm
audio that seems usefull for wikipedia EN

For the articel about "World War I" this : 
http://www.pagel.clara.co.uk/mp3/ww1.mp3    4.46MB

For the articel about "League of Nations" :
http://www.pagel.clara.co.uk/mp3/lon.mp3   7.94MB

For the articel about "Weimar Republic" :
http://www.pagel.clara.co.uk/mp3/weimar.mp3   4.33MB

Lisen to it, it is very good.

I have ask the creator what is licence policy is, this is his responds:
I'm not a legal expert, but my intention is that it should be free for
anyone to use and copy, as long as I am credited as the writer. From what I
have seen of http://www.wikipedia.org/ , I would be happy for you to link to

jonathan pagel

Would this be enough to consider it as a permision or should i ask to 
put somthing on his site or what ?


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