[Wikipedia-l] US invasion of Afghanistan

Brion VIBBER brion at pobox.com
Tue Aug 13 20:06:20 UTC 2002

Poor, Edmund W wrote:
> To Daniel: It's only the article title I wanted to change in the 
 > "attack on/invasion of" thing, which I discussed with The Cunctator
 > and Brion.
> The POV, that the US invasion amounts to an attack, should definitely 
 > be in the article -- but attributed to a source, even a vaguely
 > defined one: as in, "many critics regard the invasion as an unwarranted
 > attack on Afghanistan" or "Already talk has begun of indicting Tommy
 > Franks for [[crimes against humanity]] for the attacks."

Eh? I don't understand why the word "attack" is supposed to be "POV" 
here. Did "attack" suddenly become a bad word while I wasn't looking, 
that a military operation involving actively lobbing ordinence at one's 
enemy on their home turf should not be called an "attack" just because 
the persons doing the attacking believe they're justified in doing so?

"Invasion" is better in the title because that's what it ended up as; US 
soldiers entered the country with intent to seize it from the former 
governing body (which was not legally recognized), and many are still 
there today months later. Nothing POV or NPOV about it, it's just a more 
accurate description of the event as a whole.

Naturally, it would be POV to say that the attack is or isn't warranted, 
or is or isn't criminal, but that's a separate issue from the use of the 
word "attack" in my understanding.

> BTW, when is someone going to write [[The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan]]?

There's already scattered information in [[Afghanistan]], [[Soviet 
Union]], etc. It ought to be collected and improved perhaps...

-- brion vibber (brion @ pobox.com)

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