[Wikipedia-l] US invasion of Afghanistan

Poor, Edmund W Edmund.W.Poor at abc.com
Tue Aug 13 18:20:36 UTC 2002

To Daniel: It's only the article title I wanted to change in the "attack on/invasion of" thing, which I discussed with The Cunctator and Brion. 

The POV, that the US invasion amounts to an attack, should definitely be in the article -- but attributed to a source, even a vaguely defined one: as in, "many critics regard the invasion as an unwarranted attack on Afghanistan" or "Already talk has begun of indicting Tommy Franks for [[crimes against humanity]] for the attacks." 

I'm absolutely not trying to suppress ideas here. I just like the articles to have a consistent naming scheme. 

BTW, when is someone going to write [[The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan]]?

Ed Poor

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