[Wikipedia-l] The Fact Factory: a Wikipedia knock-off

Michael R. Irwin mri_icboise at surfbest.net
Sun Aug 11 05:44:51 UTC 2002

Stephen Gilbert wrote:

> So, do we want to do anything about this? Looking at
> the site, I don't think it's going to do any harm,
> especially considering the shoddy feel of the place. I
> thought maybe Jimbo would want to contact the
> webmaster and ask him what his intentions are.

I noticed that major sections are missing so it is
obviously a fork from way back.

I think it emphasizes that what makes Wikipedia work
is the active community of contributors, not the database
or the software.   Since they are a clone that forked
from Wikipedia, we know they had a somewhat viable
starting point from the standpoint of working software 
and some initial data.

Perhaps we should take care to maintain and grow
our community of contributors while we attempt to
improve the software and database.

I must say that I found the dramatic improvement in
Wikipedia since the fork date very encouraging!


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