[Wikipedia-l] Transitioning toward a clean wiki syntax.

Brion VIBBER brion at pobox.com
Sat Aug 10 17:52:28 UTC 2002

The Cunctator wrote:
> Just wondering: when did LDC become in charge of determining what
> Wikipedia's syntax should be?

When he got the gumption to do most of the programming work. As has been 
pointed out before, Wikipedia is a do-ocracy.

> WRT to the double/single bracket issue: We're suffering from a legacy
> problem, since the double-bracket syntax was originally uncommon (as opposed
> to CamelCase), it was okay that it was more tedious than single-bracket.
> The best thing from a usability standpoint to do would be to switch from
> double brackets to single brackets.

Single brackets are regularly used for things that _aren't_ links 
(phonetic transcriptions, programming snippets, etc); making them links 
would mean a horrible nightmare of <nowiki>s. If such a terrible thing 
did come to pass, do NOT forget to do automatic conversion on the 
database to add in the thousands of necessary <nowiki>s.

-- brion vibber (brion @ pobox.com)

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