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Fri Aug 9 03:00:33 UTC 2002

I did a search for the word ironically, and most of the articles seem to use 
it well, without violating NPOV. 


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> Hi,
> it occurred to me that certain words may well be used as search patterns to
> find low quality and non-NPOV articles. For example, there is hardly any
> valid encyclopedic use for the word "ironically" -- I have tried to go 
> through
> the articles that contain it and fix them one by one, but there are too 
> many of
> them.  Other emotional words such as "bizarre", and vulgar ones, such as
> "stupid" and "crap", may also be useful for finding articles that need to 
> be
> edited.
> How about a page that lists such "trigger words" for others to search for
> them and fix the articles that contain them? Where should such a page be 
> put?
> Regards,
> Erik
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