[Wikipedia-l] Edit Wars

Toby Bartels toby+wikipedia-l at math.ucr.edu
Tue Aug 6 01:21:27 UTC 2002

Ed Poor wrote:

>Locking a page is only a temporary solution to an edit war. It stops the
>current battle, of course, but a better long-term solution is to teach
>contributors how to write from the NPOV.

I agree.  I am ***VERY*** uncomfortable with locking articles.
My impression (only an impression) is that Helga cannot be taught,
but I would ban her IP long before I locked an article.
(And I'm not suggesting banner her; this is simply a comparison.)
Even if we're just going to lock articles for cooling down periods,
then this needs to be discussed and documented before it happens.

-- Toby Bartels
   <toby+wikipedia-l at math.ucr.edu>

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