[Wikipedia-l] Please test sound clips.

lcrocker at nupedia.com lcrocker at nupedia.com
Mon Aug 5 06:30:21 UTC 2002

> I would seriously recommend mentioning the file size (hence mental 
> estimate of download time for dial-up folks) and the fact that the 
> sample is in Ogg Vorbis format (hence a link to appropriate software).

I actually did have file sizes in earlier versions' I then discovered
that my encoder had a bug that was causing them to be larger than
necessary.  With the smaller files I saw less need to warn about large
file sizes.  But they're still 100K or so (and the largest is 200K),
so maybe the size should still be there.

But I strongly disagree that there should be any mention at all of the
format or a link to an explanation of it on pages that merely use
clips.  We certainly do need a page that explains how to hear them in
various OSs and browsers, but none of that should clutter a page that
merely uses sound as content.  The user's browser should help a
bit--it will report that the file being sent is of type
"application/x-ogg", and tell the user that a plugin or external
player is required.

Perhaps we could have something more visible on the main page or the
"how to use wikipedia" pages pointing to the page explaining how to
play Oggs.

P.S. I'm glad you find the sound quality good--but perhaps it doesn't
even need to be that good?  Would, say, a mono version at the same
quality or even a bit lower be sufficient as a sample?

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