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wiki pedista wikipedista at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 3 02:05:45 UTC 2002

Long time ago there was a discussion about making a
few wikipedia t-shirts. Apparently the discussion
I recently found a site called cafepress.com, which is
in the bussiness of printing and selling merchandise
with logos for organizations and individuals. There
is no initial charge, they have a "base price" that
is the amount they keep for each article sold,
and if the selling price is over that, the rest is for
organization or individual owner of the desing.
Maybe the fact that it could bring some revenue could
infuriate some. Probably the one that most profits is
cafepress.com itself.

Just thought you could like to know.

P.S. If a similar message appears, is because I sent
before subscribing (i used just to read the archive),
so its awaiting "moderator approval".
I guess they had to do that given the number of
extraneous mail that was giving received by the list.

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