[Wikipedia-l] Advanced free linking

Jeroen Heijmans j.heijmans at stud.tue.nl
Fri Aug 2 18:27:17 UTC 2002

With all the talk about extending the Wiki-syntax, I'd like to post this 
extension I proposed earlier on SourceForge 

"To avoid piping, maybe we could use some features like the [[plural]]s 
thing, which is rendered as [[plural|plurals]].

I propose:

* [[English] language]] --> [[English language|English]]
* [[George W. [Bush]] --> [[George W. Bush|Bush]]

the [ and ] are just an idea, I don't really care if another character 
would be used."

I got positive reactions from Brion Vibber and Toby Bartels, who 
proposed the additional extension of [[George ]W. [Bush]] --> [[George 

Jeroen Heijmans

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