[Wikipedia-l] Sysop status

tarquin tarquin at planetunreal.com
Thu Aug 1 22:22:58 UTC 2002

Brion VIBBER wrote:

> tarquin wrote:
>> Before I too jump on the application bandwagon ;) -- what can sysops 
>> do that mortals can't?
Could I have sysop status please?
I'd like to be able to copy wiki text from the policy pages. I might 
also need to rename pages on Meta.

BTW, didn't someone mention a while ago that the incidents of crossed 
wires between the US admins of the 'pedia and the people on the European 
versions were due in part to differences in culture -- the Europeans 
perceiving the Americans as a little brash and pushy?
I have a funny feeling we've just seen that in action again here: the 
above message I sent earlier is, in British English a fairly direct 
request ;-)

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