[Wikipedia-l] New wiki markup

tarquin tarquin at planetunreal.com
Thu Aug 1 20:47:50 UTC 2002

lcrocker at nupedia.com wrote:

>That still leaves us no way to specify headings, caption, spans, and 
>cell backgrounds, and the like.  We would also like to be able to do 
>things like float images, colorize text, and so on.
the header block in my table suggestion would set CSS for the table (or 
be parsed into HTML -- depends on browser support)
Something like
would guarantee the same look for all the tables on the chemical elemnt 
page, or the data talbes that have recently started to appear on US 
president pages.
more complex stuff could be set in that block for individual non-preset 
styles. I think the computer-inept will skim over a single line of 
complicated-looking markup that clearly has little to do with the data 
of the table.

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