[Wikipedia-l] New wiki markup

Hr. Daniel Mikkelsen daniel at copyleft.no
Thu Aug 1 19:47:13 UTC 2002

On Thu, 1 Aug 2002 lcrocker at nupedia.com wrote:

> There is a tension of goals here: (1) the primary goal of our wiki,
> as I see it, is to encourage the totally computer-inept to write and
> edit articles.  Getting people like that to parse the text out of
> <table> syntax and get the tags to match up right will just drive
> them away.  (2) The goal to have pretty-looking articles.

(3) The goal of having form-independent content, parseable to as many formats
as possible (print to books, read aloud, XML, etc.). This agrees better with
simple wiki markup only, than with HTML. For this goal, mixed wiki and HTML
markup is the worst case.

-- Daniel

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