[Wikipedia-l] PHP Wikipedia -- Find the bugs, and get a prize.

Mark Christensen mchristensen at HTEC.com
Wed Oct 31 14:43:39 UTC 2001

I notice there's no easy way to change a redirect on the PHP wikipedia ( or
I am missing something? There's no link back on the page you've been
redirected to, and I think this is somewhat dangerous, since somebody could
maliciously redirect page names.  The possibilities are actually pretty bad,
imagine words people take very seriously like Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, being
redirected to racial epithets.   If this kind of thing happened, it should
be relatively easy for any of us to fix so it doesn't stay around for

Mark Christensen 

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From: Magnus Manske [mailto:Magnus.Manske at epost.de]

The English tarball is up at
http://wikipedia.sourceforge.net/fpw/wiki.phtml! It is a little out-of-date
(13.000 pages, ~8.000 articles), but it should give a realistic view of the
performance to be expected. Of course, I will continue improving speed, and
the sourceforge server seems a little slow (to me, anyway) compared to the
bomis server, so don't be scared if something takes a second to load,
especially the new special functions. "Orphans" is currently not working
because it blows the memory limit for scripts on the sourceforge server.
I'll try to fix it some time soon.

Note : All Foobar/Talk subpages have been automatically converted to
talk:Foobar! There should be a green link on every article page leading to
the talk namespace.

I hereby officially welcome The Cunctator to the test site! Found some bugs
already! :)

And, yes, the script will be "free software". It's at sourceforge, after


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