[Wikipedia-l] Alternative language wikipedias

Jimmy Wales jwales at aristotle.bomis.com
Fri Mar 16 01:24:53 UTC 2001

I want to set up some alternative language wikipedias.

French and German would be good, and Cdani has offered to not inflict his
terrible English on us if we make a Catalan wikipedia.  :-)  (I'm just
teasing, but he has expressed an interest.)

I intend to setup the following domain names and wikis:

(both pointing to the same thing)

(both pointing to the same thing)

(both pointing to the same thing)

Are those the right words to use?

I would also consider 


One problem is going to be technical support of these languages, since if there
are "fancy letter" problems, I will not know much how to deal with them.  Japanese
is pretty much _all_ "fancy letters", but I assume that Linux/Apache/Perl will just
magically support it?  Or will they be forced to use non-fancy ASCII urls?

Anyhow, it seems like a useful thing to do this.

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