[Wikipedia-l] PHP Wikipedia

Magnus Manske Magnus.Manske at epost.de
Fri Aug 24 19:45:34 UTC 2001

Hi all,

as a few of you might know, I just wrote a complete (well, almost) Wikipedia
software as a PHP script!

It has all essential wiki features like article editing, version management,
user management, subpages, etc.
Additionally, its data storage is completely MySQL (fast!), it has a file
upload tool, some other goodies soon.
Maybe best of all, script and database are prepared to support some kind of
editor/superuser functionality for "locking" pages, as it is currently

Now to the bad sides (yes, there are some...)
- I don't have a server to host it yet. Maybe I can run it on the Nupedia
server sometimes. So, no trying yet, sorry.
- The parser (to convert the source text into readable stuff) is very basic.
I copied the HomePage and the SandBox from wikipedia, and they look about
the same, but this is wherte the bugs will be.
- Currently, I don't have a means to convert wikipedia to MySQL
automatically, which is what would have to be done if (IF!) this script ever
gets used.

Just letting you know there's an early but working alternative ready...


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