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Anivar Aravind anivar.aravind at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 04:06:52 UTC 2011

On 2/24/11, Nikhil Sheth <nikhil.js at gmail.com> wrote:
> Great discussion, but I wonder why I didn't see any real, easy, doable,
> inexpensive, quickfix solution put forth that every Indian on the internet
> can begin using immediately to get around the Unicode Vs custom Fonts issue.

What you are mentioning is just about Transliteration Input methods.
And there are 100's of such solutions , Phonetic Keyboards etc .
Transliteration keyboards existed years before google & most of the
solutions you pointed.
Take a look at Firefox extensions and m17n-db to get a feel of it.

The Discussion here was not only about Input methods. It is about
Encoding , Rendering & Fonts, which is the underlying technology which
enable input methods to work

Also just a friendly request to understand thread first before
knee-jerking with what you know

Anivar Aravind

> So here's some from me:
> 1. Quick copy-paste, working with a net connection:
> http://www.google.com/transliterate/
> 2. Put a bookmarklet/favorite in your browser to type in Indian language in
> any site. इधर भी : http://t13n.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/blet/docs/help.html
> 3. Get these languages installed in 5 mins on your machine so you can use it
> in any application from notepad to chat :
> http://www.google.com/ime/transliteration/ or sneak out the files for
> offline installation in your hometown using this neat hack:
> http://visibleblog.blogspot.com/2010/07/google-transliteration-ime-offline.html
> (I know our greatest angels won't care about this one because it only works
> on Evil Windows!)
> 4. Indian made alternative both editor and input language:
> http://www.baraha.com/
> Sincere apologies to the purists who might blow up like a volcano at either
> going to the Evil Google Lord for help, or Daring to use transliteration
> instead of the
> so-easy-to-use-and-learn-if-only-you-spend-a-whole-day-on-it-and-get-an-indic-script-keyboard-from-God-knows-where-because-everyone-is-well-off-and-supposed-to-be-living-in-a-well-connected-metro-like-me.
> If there is an open-source/cross-platform/creative commons/kumbayaah
> solution where we don't have to mug up what to do when we forget what we are
> supposed to have mugged up like the key combination for भ or त्र or ण
> or ळinstead of just typing "bh" or "tra" or "na" or "l" and (if
> needed)
> backspacing twice to get a dropdown menu to choose what we truly want and
> moving on with our lives, or where we don't have to bend the laws of physics
> to get that elusive त्सा or perform computer साल्सा to have that split
> letter stuff on our screen then let's have it right here and right now or
> let's get our hands dirty and make'em for the love of the Lord instead of
> blasting the impure and corrupt Harijans who dare to take shortcuts for the
> sake of getting their work done on time.
> (Disclaimer : Only little offense meant with the hope to give a kick and
> create a demand for real open source solutions that can rival the private
> ones)
> Cheers,
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