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Hi Jyothis

I believe Sudhir Ponappa for one sounded aggressive, designation of a troll
is not that far-fetched. You can check with Casey as a neutral observer if
that comment was worth moderation or not. I would also include the post on
the other thread by praveenp which is responsible for this thread and this
entire line of questioning as another example. I hope, I don't need to quote
and point out what I am talking about.

If anyone on this list has any concerns about the chapter, please feel free
to take them up. I feel that this list is being overtaken by issues of
chapter accountability. I don't like that this list is being used primarily
for chapter relations. There are other issues too, besides the Indian
chapter in India.

Second, I have been keeping out for the most part on this entire Chapter
accountability thing, one thing that seems rather strange is the repeated
accusation of miscommunication. I have been a subscriber to this list for a
while now, the registration happened a month ago and they've already been
accused of miscommunication, chair-shifting and so on. What happened to
assuming good faith? is a month enough of a time to justify this

Jyothis, I think you as a steward should be the voice of reason in this,
feel free to ask questions directly and if the chapter doesn't reply then it
should reflect on them, but please don't let this list be overtaken by these
questions. There are others things besides the chapter.


On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 4:39 AM, Jyothis Edathoot <je at jyothis.net> wrote:

> Hari,
> Couldnt help asking, but could you please point out whom are you referring
> as trolls here and who attacked you (or any member of EC) personally? As far
> as I see this, community members raised multiple concerns here and other
> threads about transparency in EC's actions and we, as community members,
> would expect the EC to clarify things, rather than coming around and calling
> them trolls and marking it as personal attacks. Such a line of defense is
> not expected from a person sitting in the secretary post of the current EC.
> Just to add, you very well know that the concerns that we see here is not
> something new and has that has been around the time the formation plans were
> announced. I hope you remember the conversation even we had and the
> discussions that happened right at the out set in mailing lists. Sorry to
> say this, but I dont think there was any serious efforts came from forming
> group to reach out to the communities to fixi things up. Atleast not to my
> knowledge and I may be wrong.
> No one has said that the list mods has not done there job. If the community
> feels that the current mods are getting swamped and more mods are needed, I
> would assume that it is up to them, as it is their list.
> just my opinion, rest of my fellow community members may disagree and
> correct me if I am wrong.
> Regards,
> Jyothis.
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> On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 3:33 PM, Hari Prasad Nadig <hpnadig at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Dear Achal,
>> The below email seems to be trying to address too many things. I'll try to
>> answer some of those. I appreciate your continued interest in the Chapter
>> activity, considering that you were the one who started this out by putting
>> together the initial team.
>> It is probably unfair to say that the chapter hasn't communicated much on
>> time in just the last one month right after it has got registered legally,
>> when the information that flowed right from the time the EC was formed (by
>> you) haven't gone out appropriately and on time. This has been more or less
>> the case for almost two years from there. The leadership has changed in last
>> month. Is that why only the last month's updates are being targeted?
>> And the attack on EC has been either overreactions, emails  from trolls
>> and personal attacks. Like many observed on the list, it has been everything
>> else but civil.
>> I personally feel that some etiquette has to be maintained on this list.
>> Be it when you're sending the entire mail digests copied while responding
>> back, or when people are sending bulky attachments or bulky HTML email (and
>> when that gets filtered out by the spam filter and put into moderation -
>> blame the mods who've been looking after this list for like 6 years now!)
>> This also applies to those who've been writing making personal attacks on a
>> public mailing list.
>> I do not see why we should be pushing for more admins on this mailing list
>> when the present admins are active and have maintained this list for all
>> these years. However, since both of the mods who've been helping out as
>> community members here have now ended up in the Executive Committee, I feel
>> that we should probably add two more people.
>> Like Delphine said, moderating lists is more of "janitor work". We'd be
>> more happy if people (who aren't trolls) volunteer for this. I'd personally
>> prefer someone outside the Indian Wikimedia community or the Chapter to also
>> be on the moderator list among the two we add. That would probably help
>> where otherwise people have been just jumping into presumptions about
>> "moderation" when just the Indians are involved. From my own experience, the
>> spam filter's doings have been attributed to us many a times and distrust
>> has prevailed since then.
>> We *do not* selectively moderate emails on this open list.
>> It is deeply saddening when you read the kind of emails coming in during
>> last couple of weeks, and seeing the appalling interest of few in continuing
>> it rather than putting up a note pointing out to the etiquette.
>> - HPN
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