[Wikimediaau-l] 2008-11-16 ctte meeting minutes

Brianna Laugher brianna.laugher at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 12:36:47 UTC 2008

Hi all,

As you will read below we had another productive meeting. I will start
separate threads for each of the topics worth discussing in more

Also: I would like to make it clear that these minutes are not
confirmed. Minutes can only be confirmed at the following ctte
meeting. We will not always hold weekly meetings, so to wait until
they are confirmed would be an unacceptable delay. The "official"
minutes will always be on commwiki and an appropriately-redacted copy
on officialwiki.

Brianna <secretary hat>

    * 1 Previous minutes
    * 2 Debts/balance sheet update
    * 3 Website update
    * 4 Memberships
    * 5 Corporate membership/sponsorship
    * 6 Perth meetup - letting people pay membership in person
    * 7 (Adjournment of agenda items)
    * 8 CCau partnership for booklet
    * 9 Discussion about ML & wiki for chapter-selected board seats
    * 10 Minutes
    * 11 Time limits on debate
    * 12 AOB

2008-11-16, 3.05pm start

Attending: John, Brianna, Stephen, Nathan, Sarah, Daniel

Chair: Stephen

Minutes: Brianna

==Previous minutes==
'''Resolution:''' That the committee confirms the minutes of the
meeting of [[Meeting (2008-11-09)|2008-11-09]].
* Moved: Brianna
* Seconded: Nathan
* Abstain: Daniel
* Carried without dissent

== Debts/balance sheet update ==
Brianna has added her receipts for web hosting to commwiki. John has a
copy of Brian's receipts for incorporation fees.

John has not yet drawn up a balance sheet.

{{action}} John to draw up a balance sheet this week.

'''Resolution:''' that we repay Brian Salter-Duke $113.50 for
incorporation fees with Consumer Affairs in Victoria and $30 to
Brianna Laugher for web hosting.
* Moved: Nathan
* Seconded: John
* Abstain: Brianna
* Carried without dissent

'''Resolution:''' The committee resolves that Sarah Ewart arranges and
collects a cheque book for the association from Bendigo Bank.
* Moved: Nathan
* Seconded: Brianna
* Abstain: Sarah
* Carried without dissent

== Website update==
Daniel and User:E had been working on officialwiki.
User:E considers it is ready to be launched, with a few details to be
added such as membership. Daniel considers it ready to be launched.

Officialwiki accounts were discussed on the comm mailing list.
Officialwiki will require an logged-in account for editing. Brianna
suggested that members could sign up for accounts at their leisure,
using an account name of their choosing. An extension ConfirmAccount
can be used to make sure that only members create accounts. A members'
officialwiki account may be confirmed after receipt of membership

{{action}} Brianna to add FlaggedRevs and ConfirmAccount to
officialwiki, and "launch" officialwiki on wikimeduaau-l after this,
explaining the account procedure.

{{action}} Brianna to delete the wikimedia.org.au redirect to the meta page.

There was some more discussion about the link between members' names
and account names. We wish to make clear that members are at no stage
obliged to disclose their Wikimedia username. For this reason members
can choose what username they want on officialwiki. Real names will be
encouraged, but they could choose to use their Wikimedia username, or
a totally new name.

A link will be recorded between members' real names and their
officialwiki account names. This link is so that when membership
ceases, the officialwiki account can be disabled. This link will be
recorded in a document that only committee will have access to.

== Memberships==
'''Resolution:''' That the ctte will only accept applications with
complete names and addresses provided. Post office boxes are
acceptable as addresses.
* Moved: Brianna
* Seconded: John
* Carried without dissent
We discussed how membership is progressing and if anything should be
changed. On the whole things are progressing well with few problems.

== Corporate membership/sponsorship==
After discussion on wikimediaau-l, we seem to be cautiously in favour
of working out a corporate sponsorship policy/agreement and cautiously
against corporate membership at this time (not least because this
would require a rules change at ~$70).

{{action}} Nathan to research how other chapters approach this issue,
as well as potential effects corporate membership with ATO charity

{{action}} Brianna to set up a draft page for corporate sponsorship
policy on officialwiki, and encourage members to work on it there.

== Perth meetup - letting people pay membership in person==
'''Resolution:''' That the ctte authorises Andrew Owens to collect
membership fees at the November 29 2008 Perth meetup following
reporting requirements as specified by the committee.

* Moved: John
* Seconded: Stephen
* Carried without dissent

{{action}} Sarah will purchase a receipt book and mail it to Andrew.

{{action}} Brianna to work out details with Andrew regarding reporting

==(Adjournment of agenda items)==
'''Resolution:''' That items 10-13 on the agenda be adjourned until
the next meeting.
* Moved: Nathan
* Seconded: John
* (vote not completed)

== CCau partnership for booklet ==
'''Resolution:''' That the ctte approves the joint publication plan
with Creative Commons Australia, as outlined at  [[Handbook for
Participatory Culture in Australia]].
* Moved: Brianna
* Seconded: Stephen
* Carried without dissent

== Discussion about ML & wiki for chapter-selected board seats ==
Brianna confirmed that everyone knows they are for deciding the
chapter-selected WMF board seats

== Minutes==
'''Resolution:''' The minutes will be published first on the Committee
wiki, and will be forwarded to the members mailing list two days after
the minute taker has informed the committee that they are ready to be
reviewed, if no objections are raised.
* Moved: John
* Seconded: Daniel
* Carried without dissent

{{action}} Brianna to make clear that publicly posted minutes are not
confirmed at time of posting.

== Time limits on debate==
Nathan raised his belief that the discussion at the last meeting on
corporate sponsorship/membership was "cut short" and asked if there
was a time limit on discussion.

Clarification that there is no official time limit, but it is up to
the meeting chair to decide when an issue has been discussed enough.

Daniel raised the possibility of posting meeting logs to commwiki.
Individuals are welcome to keep their own logs as they wish, but for
the time being logs will not be posted to commwiki. The minutes
represent the official "version" of the meeting.

5.45pm meeting closed.

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