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We have a few articles about this topic:


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If you're so inclined, vlc seems to be able to play
just fine here.

Note the link in the original email is not correct.

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Subject: internet censorship: in the Senate today


Thanks for getting in touch with the Greens regarding the internet
censorship issue – I'm just letting you know that I'm going to be
raising the issue in the Senate today, and you can watch the broadcast
live online here:


In the Senate question time at about 2:30PM eastern summer time today
I plan on asking Communications Minister Stephen Conroy about his
project for mandatory internet censorship, the so-called 'clean feed'
which you've written to me about.

If you miss the broadcast I'll have the transcript and a video clip
here as soon as possible: http://scott-ludlam.org.au/

Depending on the Minister's answer, you might like to give him a call
on (02) 6277 7480 or email him on  senator.conroy at aph.gov.au

This proposal has raised major concerns in the online community –
thanks for taking the time to add your voice to this debate.


Senator Scott Ludlam

Communications spokesperson for the Australian Greens

Question time broadcast (approximate):

2:30pm Eastern Summer(NSW, ACT, VIC)

12:30pm Western (WA)

2pm Central (NT, SA)

1.30pm (Queensland)


PERTH: Tel 08 9225 5799 | Fax: 08 9225 5599
GPO Box B58, Perth WA 6838

CANBERRA: Tel: 02 6277 3467 | Fax: 03 6277 5821
S1.36, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600


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