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Tue Nov 4 02:14:46 UTC 2008

Hi all,

We've touched on this a few times, and chewed it over a bit, but at this
point it's worth making sure that everyone who wants to has had the chance
to put their point of view - I'm interested in how we envisage the
membership growing in the important first year of the Chapter.

I would like to significantly 'wave the flag' to attract new members, and
feel that a semi-permanent 'membership drive' is a good thing - as such, my
plan would be to try and encourage all attendees at the upcoming Wiki
Wednesday in Sydney -
http://www.customware.net/repository/display/WikiWednesday/Wiki+Wednesday -
to sign up as members of Wikimedia Australia, regardless of their levels of
participation in WMF projects.

As and when the chapter may speak to schools / educators etc. I'd also
encourage these folk (young and old) to join as members of WMAU - on the
basis that the 'benefits of membership' not only include being as 'in the
loop' as you'd like to be, but are also altruistic... :-)

It would be great if a 'membership application form' were developed at some
point - and I gather that the website and membership systems are coming
along nicely, and should be online by the end of the month :-)



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