[Wikimediaau-l] 2008-11-02 ctte meeting minutes

Brianna Laugher brianna.laugher at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 02:13:41 UTC 2008

    * 1 Confirm previous minutes
    * 2 Update on membership process progress
    * 3 Debts
    * 4 Bank deposit notifications
    * 5 Accounting software update
    * 6 Website update
    * 7 October report
    * 8 Education ML
    * 9 AOB

* Present: John, Brianna, Stephen, Charles, Brian (observing - partial)
* Apologies: Nathan

* Chair: John.
* Minutes: Brianna

== Confirm previous minutes==

'''Resolution:''' That the ctte confirms the minutes of the previous meeting.
*Proposed: Stephen
*Seconded: Brianna
* Carried without dissent, Charles abstained

==Update on membership process progress==
Nathan reminded us that the rules state that the secretary must
forward membership applications to the committee for approval. Brianna
suggested that one of the approval emails could be CCed to the
committee mailing list and "passively approved", i.e. unless concerns
are raised, they will be automatically considered approved after a
certain time period.

'''Resolution:''' The secretary will inform the committee of
[membership] applicants via email, and unless there is objection or
ongoing related discussion within three working days, will consider
that the committee has approved the application.
* Proposed: John
* Seconded: Brianna
* Carried without dissent

{{action}} Brianna to reword email templates to reflect this change
and email them to the ctte again.

Planned memberdb workflow status:
applied, not ctte approved, not paid = Applied
applied, ctte approved, not paid = Pending
applied, ctte approved, paid = Approved/Member

Brianna considers that once deposit notifications are in place we
should be ready to start accepting members.

Note: The secretary workflow for accepting memberships is now at
[[Membership]] on commwiki.

Brianna created a commwiki page [[Debts]] to record who we owe and how
much so that once membership funds start coming in we can pay our
debts. Brianna (web hosting) and Brian (incorp fee) have debts that
should be detailed on this page.

{{action}} Brianna to contact Angela to find out details of domain
registration costs.

Brianna suggested that scans of receipts could be uploaded to the
committee wiki as a record.

John raised the issue of the Wikimedia trademark in Australia which
may have been registered and cost someone something. Stephen stated
that "Wikimedia" is a trademark of WMF, which they have registered
internationally (including Australia) and that there is no Wikimedia
Australia trademark yet.

{{action}} Brianna to post to wmau and ask any other people with debts
to come forward and reveal themselves.

==Bank deposit notifications==
John will be going into the bank on Wednesday to find out if this is
possible, and if it is free hopefully enable it. He will report next

We discussed who notifications should be sent to, and decided that the
whole committee would probably make sense.

{{action}} John to let signees know if they can access net banking.

{{action}} John to update ctte about deposit notifications on the
mailing list or at the next meeting.

==Accounting software update ==
John has been investigating options, looking for something web-based
and open source.

We discussed whether access for multiple people was really necessary.
John raised the need to share records before submitting to the ATO
etc. It was suggested that backups/exported spreadsheets could be
emailed/uploaded to commwiki to share with other ctte members. If this
is workable then the ATO's eRecord could be used. This is useful
because it is oriented towards the Australian tax system.

John mentioned two open source web-based programs:
http://www.simple-groupware.de/cms/Spreadsheet/Home and

John to continue investigating options.

== Website update ==
Daniel again not present.

{{action}} Brianna to ask E if he thinks it is ready to launch.

== October report ==
[[m:Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Australia/2008-10]]. Due nowish.

Currently an outline. Brianna to do a bunch of work on this soonish.

{{action}} Brianna to remind ctte of current status on Wednesday, and
barring any problems, publish it on Friday.

== Education ML==
Brianna raised the idea of starting this on wikimedu-au where it had
at best lukewarm support. Stephen likes the idea.

'''Resolution:''' That an education-specific mailing list is created.
* Proposed: John
* Seconded: Stephen
* Carried without dissent

{{action}} Brianna to create the mailing list.

== AOB ==
Brianna will be giving a talk at a VCAL conference in late November.
The conference organisers offered to pay a speaker's fee and she has
directed them to make a donation to Wikimedia Australia.

There was discussion about what a speaker's "best practice/policy"
would be, and what speakers costs WMAU would reimburse. John suggested
that all requests of this sort should be handled as grant requests,
and assessed by the committee. Brianna considered that speakers should
perhaps be considered separately.

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