[Wikimediaau-l] Melbourne meetup report

John Vandenberg jayvdb at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 11:36:32 UTC 2007

I was asked to take a few minutes, so here are a few more details..

* Steven Bain (thebainer)
* Brianna Laugher (pfctdayelise)
* Alex Lum (Canley)
* Isaac Sutcliffe (aliasd)
* John Vandenberg (jayvdb)

1. Brianna provided print outs of the wiki-based constitution, which was
   read through with comments made and recorded on the printout.

  2 Aims
   * Brianna proposed new wording for 2.7
    ** it was revised ...
      *** a few times

  3 Structure
   * Steve mentioned that there is additional wording required to
     be added in regards to the assets.
     (it can be found on either the ATO site or Consumer Affairs ?)
     (assets of the corp are not going to be for the profit of the members?)

  4 Membership
   * Membership is only available to persons providing their real name.

   * Where the constitution states that members must have unrestricted
     editing rights on all projects, the wording needs to be updated to
     "not banned on any project", due to page protection and IP blocks
     that would prevent committee members from editing on _all_ projects.

  7 Committee
   * It was agreed that regional representatives will be necessary, and
     will be nominated by the members of each state.

2. Steve mentioned a document that explained the benefits of a mission

   A mission statement is not required, but it is nice to have.

3. Melbourne meeting location and planning was discussed, and with the
   East Melbourne city library and and Computerbank, at West Melbourne,
   being suggested.

4. Membership fee's were briefly discussed, without a figure being agreed on.

5. Steve took on the task of updating the constitution to be in line with the
   Victorian "model rules".

6. The next meeting will be held when Andrew Owens (Orderinchaos) is
in Melbourne.
   Firm dates will be placed on the Meetup 8 page within a day or two.


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