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Sat Feb 26 09:04:54 UTC 2011

Dear Wikimedians,

I can see <http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Reports#Wikimedia_Czech_Republic>,
that we haven't reported about our activities and state for a very long
time. It is probably due to the fact that writing a good report is hard, as
reported by Eric Moeller (in *[Internal-l] Chapters Reporting

Today I am coming with January 2011 report and I hope, I will be able to
prepare it every month. Maybe during 2011's spring, we will offer you our
Annual report for 2010, which may fill up the gap between the last
report<http://www.wikimedia.cz/web/Report_March_-_June_2009>and this

Jan Lochman (Juan de Vojníkov)
Wikimedia Czech Republic chair

== WMCZ Report (January 2011) ==
=== General Assembly ===
January 8, 2011 an early General Assembly  (GA) was held in the registered
place of Wikimedia Czech Republic in Prague. It was caused by the decline of
the number of Board (B) members under 3, when internal rules calls for an
extraordinary GA to call to order within 60 days.

18 of 29 members where counted on this event on the beginning. Two people
from WMDE as observers, were invited by former Board. During this assembly
all former B members resigned (2 of 2) and the same for the auditor (1 of
1). Thus the new B members and Auditing Committee (AC), where elected. There
are mostly new faces to both organs. New Board members are (4 from 5, while
this can be variable):
*Jan Lochman (user:Juan de Vojníkov, chair)
*Jiří Ohlídal (user:Jirka O., vice-chair)
*Milda (B member 2009/2010, AC member 2010/2011)
*5th position left empty

New Auditing Committee members are (2 of 3):
*Krvesaj (chair)
*3rd position left empty

On this GA changes to actual bylaws and other internal documents were made.
GA agreed Annual Report 2010, Annual Report from the Auditor 2010, Annual
action plan 2011 and Annual financial plan 2011. Annual financial report for
2010 was not ready and thus it should be completed by the end of April 2010.

=== January 15, 10 years of Wikipedia ===
==== Concert for the benefit of Wikimedia Commons ====
Okino, one of the members of WMCZ had organized an open concert of Czech
composers <http://ten.wikipedia.org/wiki/Praha_/_Prague> of classical music
such as Leos Janacek, Jakub Jan Ryba, Bedrich Smetana or Antonin Dvorak.
Also a special copy of Wikimedium magazine was released for this event with
an interview with Miroslav
first editor of Czech Wikipedia. All songs were recorded and will be
released to Wikimedia Commons.

==== Other ====
Juan de Vojníkov met with some Austrian Wikimedinas celebrating in Gratz via

Danny B., Frettie, Jirka O., Juan de Vojníkov, Mormegil, Okino and Packa
were interviewed by local mass media about 10 years of Wikipedia.

=== Internal ===
There were around 30 members in January and new members were coming. Board
meetings are open to all members. These meetings were organized via IRC and
TeamSpeak <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TeamSpeak>, individual discussion
were also done via Skype. Also one auditor committee happened.
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