[Wikimedia-l] Announcement Sarah Stierch

Thomas Goldammer thogol at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 21:08:48 UTC 2014

In fact, a simple note that Sarah has left the WMF would, of course, have
been enough from the WMF side. BUT, the obvious questions would then have
been directed to Sarah in any possible way, most probably. And I guess, she
just doesn't wish to answer those questions right now and I can fully
understand that. That was probably what Frank meant by respecting her
privacy and why he chose to write the letter as he did.

Anyway, sorry to see you go, Sarah. :(

Best regards

2014/1/9 Michael Peel <email at mikepeel.net>

> On 9 Jan 2014, at 14:32, Katherine Casey <fluffernutter.wiki at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Add me to the list of people who are surprised the WMF has chosen to
> handle
> > this in so public and accusatory a manner. It is presumably their right
> to
> > sever business relationships with employees, of course, but they
> generally
> > don't do so by posting a public notice detailing the employee's alleged
> > misconduct.
> It seems to me that this is a "damned if you do, damned if you don’t”
> scenario. If there *hadn’t* been a note to this list then I’m sure people
> would have been crying out for one. Personally, I’m glad to see the
> transparency and frankness, but sad to see the news. :-(
> Thanks,
> Mike
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