[Wikimedia-l] Basic income & Wikimedians

Balázs Viczián balazs.viczian at wikimedia.hu
Thu Jan 9 19:50:17 UTC 2014

I like such proposals (sarcasm).

where do you get the money from, what you wish to distribute?

In general free money -> less people will work (why to work if I still get
money? - see the masses living on unemployment benefits - libre time :) )
-> less people working -> higher taxes -> people will be :( on both ends.
Higher minimum! Lower taxes! Down with the government! Yay.

Printing money would lead to inflation - more money worth less.

And these are the basic, most visible IRL effects.

Pls forget these economical nonsenses.


2014/1/9 Risker <risker.wp at gmail.com>

> I'd suggest that income is not a particularly significant factor in whether
> or not people participate in the Wikimedia movement, particularly as
> editors.  Infrastructure including internet access, education, and
> availability of technology are far more significant.
> These are all abundantly available in Europe, where we have probably the
> highest concentration of editors per capita (with the possible exception of
> the US).
> In fact, I can't help wondering how a discussion of a European basic
> minimum income really comes across to our colleagues who live in countries
> where daily wages are the equivalent of the cost of a cup of coffee and
> a pastry in most of Europe, North America, and other "wealthy"
> countries.  It's bothering me, and I live in one of those well to do
> countries.
> Risker
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