[Wikimedia-l] Basic income & Wikimedians

Emmanuel Engelhart kelson at kiwix.org
Thu Jan 9 13:12:32 UTC 2014

Le 09/01/2014 13:53, Ilario Valdelli a écrit :
> In Switzerland the national referendum has not approved it.
> There was the idea to have a minimum guaranteed salary for all citizens and
> the 1:12 (a manager could not receive a salary which is more than 12 times
> than that of an employee of the same company) but both of them have not
> been approved by the population.

Ilario, you are not well informed. Seb35 sentence is absolutely correct:

"In Switzerland, a popular legislative initiative
collected more than the 100,000 needed signatures in September 2013, and
this will lead to a nationwide referendum about the basic income there."

Referendum will occur in the next 2-3 years and then we will know what
is the answer of the Swiss citizen.


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