[Wikimedia-l] Relationship between Wikimedia and oDesk

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Wed Jan 8 15:41:57 UTC 2014

+1 to Ting's philosophy. Best WMF trustee ever. ;-)

It may be worth illustrating how I might draw the line between my
unpaid volunteer work and taking payment for some tasks. To date I
have uploaded something like 160,000+ images to Commons and never been
paid anything for my time. My work has been in fits and starts and my
attention wanders from one project to the next, like most unpaid
volunteers. :-D

The sort of task that I would like to get some remuneration for, would
be where an archive or GLAM wanted me to work closely with them to
achieve their public access objectives, rather than leaving it to me
just to upload the best bits in ways that I thought were most

Spending significant time helping paid staff to run public volunteer
events, process their in-house metadata, choose what to scan, video or
record, decide how to release it online (either on Commons or
elsewhere), what licence to choose, and help with writing code for
tools like pywikipediabot or reprocessing to open media formats, seems
a perfectly reasonable thing to charge for, particularly if they would
like me to do this to satisfy their schedule rather than leaving it to
me to stick it on my ever lengthening back-burner of interesting

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