[Wikimedia-l] [New program evaluation released!] On-wiki writing contests

Sarah Stierch sarah.stierch at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 18:40:19 UTC 2014

[pardon the cross-posting]

Happy New Year everyone!

The Program Evaluation and Design team at the Wikimedia Foundation has a
new evaluation to share with you.

*We have released the latest program evaluation about on-wiki writing

As we have asked previously, we would love your thoughts and comments on
this report. Preferably, on the talk page of the evaluation page. *On-wiki
writing contests have shown that they do meet their priority goals* *of
quality content improvement* and *editor retention*, but more research
needs to be done, and more data collected (like all of the evaluations we
have produced so far).

*We hope you'll find time to share and review this report, we are excited
about it: *


Also, I'll be contacting many of you about *survey collection*. If you have
produced surveys at anytime in the past, or have a survey you would like to
share with us, we want it! *We need to collect surveys so we can develop
high demand surveying tools* that so many of you have asked us about.[1]

Thanks everyone, and happy new year,



*Sarah Stierch*

*Wikimedia Foundation Program Evaluation & Design Community Coordinator*
and keep it free!

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