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Mathieu Stumpf psychoslave at culture-libre.org
Mon May 27 14:29:51 UTC 2013

Hi, I foward this mail to design, since it seems relevant here.

As far as I know, currently there is no other way to create (world)maps 
than taking some existing blank one, and put the color on regions of 
interest. Maybe it would be intersting to have such a tool online, but 
more important, to ease contributors ability to make interactive maps, 
which enable readers to see how a phenomenon evolved/is evolving through 

What do you think ?

Le 2013-05-24 20:26, phoebe ayers a écrit :
> On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 1:55 AM, Mathieu Stumpf <
> psychoslave at culture-libre.org> wrote:
>> Le 2013-05-23 19:03, phoebe ayers a écrit :
>>  Perhaps of interest to many Wikimedians: the Endangered Languages 
>> project
>>> recently launched a new layout, making it easier to find and submit
>>> information on languages that are in the "catalog of endangered 
>>> languages"
>>> that they are building. Worth a look.
>>> http://www.**endangeredlanguages.com/<http://www.endangeredlanguages.com/>
>>> -- phoebe
>> Thank you for the link.
>> It seems to be the result of a realy huge work! Do you know if their
>> solution to create interactive map is free software? I would love to 
>> have
>> such a tool within wikimedia. To my mind, it would be really useful 
>> for
>> geographic and historical articles. Having a tool that would enable 
>> to
>> "watch events propagation through time and localisation on a map" 
>> would be
>> awesome, and it seems to me that their software is almost all that.
> Hi Mathieu,
> I don't know anything about this project beyond what's on the site -- 
> I
> just ran across it. From what I can tell the user-submitted language 
> data
> is CC-by but unfortunately they seem to be using Google Maps for the 
> map
> interface.
> -- phoebe

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