[Wikimedia-l] Is anyone motivated to lead a study/projet to integrate a "Tatoeba"-like project within Mediawiki

Mathieu Stumpf psychoslave at culture-libre.org
Sat May 18 06:57:29 UTC 2013


While contributing to wiktionary, I discovered Tatoeba, a website where
you can find translated sentences, and share your knoledge with new

The project database is free (CC-by if I well remember), and the team
behind it seems very responsive: think that they made this post[1] just
because I am incorrigible curious person.

Now as our moto is "the sum of all knowledge…" I was curious to know
your opinion on integrating such a project within Wikimedia. As I
already don't have time to make all the contributions that I would like
to bring to the community, I won't be able to bring energy on such a
project. So I just share the idea, "just in case", to my mind it's
always better than drop it nowhere.

Kind regards,

[1] http://blog.tatoeba.org/2013/05/the-story-of-tatoeba.html

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