[Wikimedia-l] Announcing the Flow Portal(s)

David Cuenca dacuetu at gmail.com
Thu May 16 14:06:01 UTC 2013

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for the announce and also for the effort of letting the door open
for suggestions and feedback. I regard "Flow" as an excellent tool for
centralizing all communications in one spot and I really hope user
involvement is as high as this tool would deserve. So far the test page
looks really appealing!

I would like to make you aware of a related problem which is that of
interwiki or interproject presence. Sometimes it is wanted that a certain
set of pages is present across several wikis (like in the case of the Flow
portal), and the best approximation we had to this is interwiki
transclusion. This kind of "soft" transclusion is less than ideal, because
users following a transcluded page won't get notified of a change, cannot
edit the transcluded page and besides they are difficult to create.

Would be there any way to simulate a "hard" transclusion? What I have in
mind is:
- a set of pages in meta can be declared of interest for selected
- mirror pages are created on the selected wikis/projects/languages (bot
drudgery? db necromancy? flow magic?)
- changes are notified in the recent changes of all relevant projects,
subscribers are notified

What are your thoughts on this?

David --Micru

On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 4:47 PM, Brandon Harris <bharris at wikimedia.org>wrote:

>         Hello!
>         As many of you know, the Wikimedia Foundation is now actively
> engaged in designing a next-generation discussion and workflow system
> called Flow, initially slated to replace user talk pages.  Flow is an
> ambitious project (on par with the VisualEditor) and will touch nearly
> every aspect of the Wikimedia experience.
>         We need ''your'' help and input.  We have started a portal for
> information and discussion.
>         You can find it on the English Wikipedia here:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Flow
>         And on MediaWiki here: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Flow_Portal
>         (We'll be creating one on meta as well).
>         At the Flow portal, you can read about what we're doing and why,
> as well as play around with an interactive prototype.
>         We're desperately interested in your feedback and thoughts.  There
> are things that we know, and things that we know that we don't know. But
> there are also things that we *don't* know that we don't know.  And we want
> to reduce that lack of knowledge.
>         We will also be conducting additional office hours for a variety
> of timezones - as many as we need to - and will also be open to having
> conversations via Google hangouts and/or Skype as need be.  I am always
> around on irc (freenode, username "jorm") and am willing to answer any
> questions you may have.
>         -b.
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